The universal thread that sustains my studio practice is the desire to more deeply understand and explore my own humanity—my work allows me to ask questions that words seem unable to pose. I have been fascinated with the human form from as early as I can remember, and by age 4 I was determined to be an artist. The use of the fragmented human figure in my art work allows me to ask the questions that words seem unable to pose. The self-portraits I’ve painted serve as means to process self-image, the temporal materiality of the body, and the misconstrued beliefs and values that plague the feminine and the female body. The works that cease to explicitly represent any aspect of the human form, rather suggest and allude to human existence and experience—through themes of memory, time, and place: found images, text, handwriting, assemblage, juxtaposition, poetry.


Katie Wolff is a South Dakota based artist currently pursuing a BFA in Studio Art at Black Hills State University. Her artistic practice is multidisciplinary, including painting, printmaking, and mix media. Inspiration for her work ultimately comes from her curiosity and fascination with humanity and what it means to be human. In addition, feminist philosophy and art has highly influenced Katie's thinking and ultimately, her artwork. The majority of her paintings are figurative, exploring the archaic, historical, and modern understandings of the feminine identity and the female body. Other works relate the human body to themes of place, time, and memory. 

Katie has participated in numerous exhibitions in the Northern Black Hills Region. She was the first-place recipient of the 2019 Winter Exhibition at the Mathew’s Opera House Gallery in Spearfish, SD. She has been highly involved in community art projects in the Northern Black Hills region where she completed an internship within the Fine Art Department at BHSU to design, create, and install a community mural in Spearfish, SD in 2019. She was invited to judge the 2019 statewide South Dakota High School Art Competition with a panel of artists and educators form around South Dakota.  Katie presented her artistic research at the 2019 BHSU Research Symposium and was accepted to the National Conference for Undergraduate Research in 2020. In March of 2020, Katie accepted the position of Art Education Coordinator for the Rapid City Arts Council at the Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City, SD. At the Dahl, Katie oversees the Education Department's programming, community outreach, and Emerging Visual Artist Gallery, while also teaching youth art classes.